Love Bites

This facfiction will be based on Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Chris Brown a vampire?! Yes ! Stick around to read whether everything will work out between a vampire and a regular human.

Oh Rd I Look At The Messages Without Reading What You Said -Mardy But Welcome Boo. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘‹

Mhhm I can see ! Lol. ☺️

Anonymous asked:
Oh Hell Nah . You Changing The Characters ? - Mardy You Come Back Starting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜’

Nooooooo Mardy ! Only if i start a new one !!! Lol

Anonymous asked:
Continue please!! I love this story

So many are telling me to start a new one :/

Anonymous asked:
Aw that sucks I like the characters your choose, but love bites was great so I know if you start a new one it'll be cool. Would you use Chris?

Aww thanks love ! && yes ! Of course ! Probably have alittle august alsina in it but it would be mostly Chris !

Anonymous asked:
awwww i really wanted a kae and chris ff 

Awww :/ i understand you, im not sure though. If we can get people to support the sequel, ill continue ! :)

Anonymous asked:
Will Chris be a vamp in your new ff ????because this is the only CB vampire ff that I could find that's good and has more than 3 chapters

You like this one ..? & really ? & if I was to start a brand new fanfic, Chris would not be a vampire. He would be normal lol.

Anonymous asked:
Why wouldn't you want to use karrueche anymore?

I dont know… Id just wanna start brand new with everything. & plus no one has really shown much interest for this fanfic anymore. If I’d to do another fanfic, Id make it a little more fun, I guess ..?

Anonymous asked:
start a new fanfic with them being normal humans

I dont think i’d want to have Karrueche in it though… :/

Anonymous asked:
What is the sequel called?

Loving The Dead fanfic :)

Anonymous asked:
do you have links to the sequel??

Im on mobile rn πŸ˜”